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Located in the heart of French Louisiana, Prejean's Restaurant captures the hearts of all who visit. A delight to all "six" senses, Prejean's Restaurant satisfies diners with some of the best cuisine available in the south. In a culture famous for delicious flavors, Prejean's leads the way. The staff serves up, not only the fine hospitality expected in the south, but also serves up the succulent seafood dishes which have made Prejean's so famous. Juicy steaks, wild game dishes and world famous gumbos twist from the ordinary into memorable. Traditional music fills the air with the sounds of live Cajun bands entertaining nightly. Prejean 's showcases the rich culture of our Cajun French heritage. Antique relics grace the walls and rafters. "Big Al," the fourteen foot alligator once a native of the Louisiana's Grand Chenier swamp, sits in the middle of the dining room guarding the culinary medals, earned by Prejean's chefs in various culinary competitions held locally, nationally and internationally.

Each of Prejean's three portable trailer-kitchen units have 20 running feet of cooking space, prep space and a walk in cooler or freezer. The trailer-kitchen easily accommodates large volume on-site catered events such as conventions and disaster relief efforts. The kitchen units are available individually or together, and for short-term or extended usage.

Clients include the Louisiana National Guard, Gulfstream/Blackstrap, Popeye's Corporation.

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hide3480 N.E. Evangeline Thrwy. (I-49) • Lafayette, LA 70507

hideCall: 337-896-3247

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hideSun-Thurs ----------- 7am - 9 pm

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