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Chef Bios

Alex Carron

Alex Carron was born and raised in Lafayette, Louisiana, where he attended and finished high school at Northside High. He graduated high school in 1997, where he started working his senior year at Prejean’s Resturatant. This was his first and only job, he started off as a dish washer totaling 22 years at Prejean’s Restaurant. Then continued to work his way up to line cook. His passion for cooking started at the age of 9 years old, taught by his mother. Later, Alex got married and has 3 boys. Currently, Alex is one of the kitchen managers at Prejean’s Restaurant, where he looks forward to presenting delicious food every day.


Daniel Ashford

Daniel Ashford began his culinary journey at the age of 8 under the wing of his grandmother, showing an almost immediate interest in the techniques she was passing on to him, as well as the traditions that were created. He began his first restaurant job at age 17 and never looked back. After putting nearly 20 years into the restaurant business and catering events. Daniel saw that is was time to step up his career and further his knowledge to become a great chef. He has worked under several chefs becoming a sous chef for 4 years ago at a local Cajun restaurant. 2 years ago, he started working at Prejean’s Restaurant, where he currently serves as one of the Kitchen Managers


Darrell Savoy

Darrell Savoy was born and raised in Carencro, LA and attended Carencro High School. Darrell started a boxing career from 1971-1988, which he performed in several boxing matches. Then, he decided to go into the restaurant business and started off at Angelle’s Restaurant in Carencro. Later, he started out as a fry cook at Prejean’s Restaurant in 2000. Darrell worked his way up to kitchen manager in 2005. Currently, he has been employed at Prejean’s Restaurant for 19 years and loves ever bit of it.


Kevin Jackson

Kevin Jackson was in New Orleans, LA and raised Vacherie, LA. As a young adult I had an interest for cooking. Jackson was once employed at Beau Chene Truck Stop in Grand Coteau, LA as a maintenance man, then moved his way up to coming a cook. Jackson enjoyed cooking and the great feedback he would get from customers. It let him know that he was giving and serving the customers how they should be served. After departing from Beau Chene Truck Stop, he began working for Prejean’s Restaurant in Carencro, LA. While working there it seemed as if his passion for cooking and serving other became stronger for him, When cooking, he know he giving the people what they need and want. Seeing customers enjoying his cooking makes him know that he is giving his all, which drives the passion that he has for his profession even more. Currently, employed at Prejean’s Resturatant for 15 years and the passion and drive for my profession still grows with him each day.